2017.03 We're happy to make an announcement that TrackWind has been updated. Please renew your code with the generator below.

What is Trackwind?

What is TrackWind is a customizable widget that displays links to pages visited at the specified domain. TrackWind is completely free and can easily be added to any blog or web page.

There is no registration required but users must abide by our Terms of Service.

How to use

Enter a few details below so you can copy the HTML code and paste it into your web page or widget:

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By using TrackWind you automatically agree to the Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Any individual, corporation or group can use this service for their own purpose.

By using "Trackwind", you agree to provide a link to our website. If you fail to provide a link to our website, your service may be cancelled.

We do not take responsibility nor make any guarantees for the use of this website.

  • There are no guarantees on the accuracy of TrackWind and we also disclaim any and all warranties for accuracy of content.
  • We do not offer to fix your software, errors and/or published information.
  • We do not take any responsibility either directly and/or indirectly from damage or loss by using this service.
  • Management of TrackWind is the user's responsibility.

Affiliate links will not be used on our website yet. We shall strive to publicize it on our website if the Affiliate links start.

— Updated November 2012